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Quantos tipos de açucar!

This natural sweetener is extracted from two main sources: the root of the sugar beet or the stem of the cane plant. Brown and white sugars come from both.
Raw vs Refined:
Determined by the extent of processing after extraction. Sugar crystallises white naturally. The brown colours are produced by retained molasses.
Granulated (Crystal):
A refined table-top sugar used for baking, drinks and so on.
Soft Brown:
Soft and moist fine-grained sugar ideal for fruit cakes and gingerbread.
A light brown sugar with large crystals, often used in hot drinks.
A raw cane sugar containing between six and 13% molasses and a coarse, sticky grain. Adds a crunchy texture to food.
Golden Caster:
A raw, free-flowing cane sugar that dissolves quickly and has a light presence of molasses. Use it to add flavour to fruit or sweet sauces.
Gula Melaka:
Dark, dense and sticky palm sugar usually used in Asian desserts.

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